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Stella dial in 2013 white gold Day date reference 118139. The Day-Date Ref. This watch is a very rare and extremely valuable example. Even the most rare pieces are eventually sold by owners or their descendants. You can almost bet that these Stella dials will set new records in price!

The grail, trophy, or whatever name you like to use is what every serious collector searches seamaster replica What is the ultimate grail of the Stella collectors? The dials in yellow? Tiffany printed ones? Has Khanjar issued any examples? They are all extremely rare. The recent discovery of an exclusive set of Stella dials from 2013 puts them all into perspective.

Singer SA, at the request of a non-executive member of Replica Rolex Submariner's board, produced a limited number of dials in white and yellow gold for Day-Date and, almost 25 years after production ended, manual-wind gold-audemars piguet replica watches. The Day-Date dials weren't made for any particular reference. However, the manual-wind gold audemars piguet replica watches came in less than 20 pieces and four colors. Two of these were assigned to each of two references: 6263 and 62665. Turquoise, green and black dials were assigned to the reference 62665. The yellow sub-dials on the turquoise and green dials were black, while those of the red and yellow dials were yellow. Singer made 50 red and Yellow dials before they had one that was perfect enough to pass their quality control. Replica Rolex Submariner used these dials in watches at the time they were produced.Best Replica Watches Only a few of them have been found, including Day-Dates.

A yellow gold 1803 Day Date with a lilac colored Stella dial. Pucci Papaleo named the watch Purple Rose, in his book "Day-Date: The Presidential Replica Rolex Submariner".

Full Ice, Auro Montanari's personal favourite Day-date highlight by Phillips